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Hon. Hugh D. Segal, OC, O.Ont, CD

Senator, Kingston-Frontenac-Leeds, 2005-2014

Mathews Fellow in Global Public Policy, Queen's

It has been my privilege to know and work with Michelle for many years. Her integrity, diligence, compassion, intellect, and sense of public duty make her a superb parliamentary candidate for any Canadian political party.

John Grenville and Sue Bazely

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Secretary-Treasurer, Fort Henry Guard Foundation Inc. and Archaeologist, PhD Candidate, Queen's University

We have known Michelle for 25 years as a community leader, a volunteer and as a lawyer.  Michelle broke new ground as a university student when she joined the Fort Henry Guard in 1993, the first time that females entered the ranks of the all-male environment of the Guard.  Today, as President of the Fort Henry Guard Club of Canada and the Fort Henry Guard Foundation, Michelle consistently applies her leadership, her organizational skills and creative thinking to achieving objectives.  Her desire to do what is right and to help others is evident from her work as a pioneering student at Fort Henry, a lawyer and as a community volunteer.  


We know Michelle and her tremendous commitment and hard work as a volunteer for local organizations and for fostering her community.  She will provide the same commitment and hard work as a Member of Parliament for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston.


Bill MacDonald

Former Mayor of Central Frontenac Township and Warden of Frontenac County

Having known the Foxton family for many years, it gives me great pleasure to endorse Michelle as a candidate to become the MP representing Lanark, Frontenac, Kingston.  I know she would make a great representative given her extensive knowledge of the area along with her personal work experience.  We would be very well represented.


Hon. Peter Milliken

Speaker of the House, 2001-2011, and Member of Parliament for Kingston and The Islands, 1988-2011

I have known Michelle for many years and believe she is the right Liberal candidate for Lanark Frontenac Kingston. Our riding needs a strong voice in the House of Commons and Michelle is an outstanding advocate.  As a former member of Parliament and speaker of the house, I can appreciate the qualities that make a representative successful.  Michelle Foxton possesses those qualities and will bring necessary change to our riding. Michelle’s strong family background in politics, her integrity, leadership skills and work/life experience all contribute to a well-rounded and successful representative.

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Richard Schooley

Retired Principal of a 60-member insurance, risk management, and financial planning business

I am pleased to endorse the nomination of Michelle Foxton as the candidate in the Riding of Lanark Frontenac Kingston.

She is an experienced politician who understands the realities of rural and suburban communities and how young families balance family life, raising two children while two parents’ work. Living the life experience is the best way to understand, empathize and represent our community in Federal Parliament.

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Ken Fisher

Community Activist

Lawyer Michelle Foxton is the latest of many generations of her family involved in Frontenac politics. In my 12 years engaged in LFK Liberal politics, there is no doubt that she is a winner. I wholeheartedly support Michelle as our LFK candidate.

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Randy McVety

Retired High School Teacher (Granite Ridge EC and Sharbot Lake HS)

I have been very fortunate to be a friend of Michelle Foxton for many, many years.  She is competent, hardworking and very experienced.  For several years Michelle volunteered her time to speak with the students in my high school law class at Granite Ridge Education Centre.  Michelle is an extremely intelligent and approachable person who would work hard at representing people in all parts of our riding.  Living in the Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston riding Michelle understands the challenges and opportunities that our families face.  She has a combination of compassion for people and a genuine enthusiasm to tackle important issues.  I firmly believe Michelle Foxton is the person who can lead us through the difficult times we are currently facing in our riding and in our country as well.

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